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Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2


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Turns out Fabian Delph is an anti-vaxxer and he's bragging about the fact. I love some of the comments people are saying like he trusts his immune system to get rid of covid yet it takes him 2 months to get over a stubbed toe.
Following his debut on 06 May 2007 he has amassed 242 league appearances at an average of 17 per calendar year. I fondly remember standing in the Holte years ago blasting out 'What a waste of money'


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Watch all of the PL clubs trying to sneak into this without leaving a trace.

The sad truth is that this shite isn't going away.
As much as I hate the idea of the super league, I wouldnt be surprised if we took the opportunity to join it if offered.
Really need UEFA to come down hard on these 3 instead of the usual paltry fines


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A top flight footballer throws his toys out of the pram because he wants to leave his current club….shock…not! He may be working with an idiot in Levy but ffs some of these modern day footballers do my head in with their antics to get what they want. Disrespectful to the army of fans who adore him but they’re well down the list of priorities I suppose. Wonder if Man City are upping the chase for Kane now they realise Jack doesn’t want to play for them….:grinning: