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Only in America...


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"Enjoyed" probably not the best word you could have chosen, Notty!!

Have to say my overwhelming emotion when watching that and similar other programmes is one of anger
I perhaps meant intellectually as a lover of history and what that means for the human condition.

Yes, very gruelling in parts.

If Hulloutpost *really* wants to understand "balance" then he should watch this series.


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I have H R McMaster's "Dereliction of Duty" lined up on my Kindle. Sadly, McMasters ended up supporting the invasion of Iraq that suggests to me he didn't really learn the lessons of Vietnam all that well.


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Thanks, will look that up.

Hulloutpost's view that any history older than 5 years is irrelevant to political discourse is completely blown away by the role the American Civil War plays in American history right up to the current day.
Obsession is a terrible thing Notty and where did I say that. I got told off for bringing something up from four years ago the other day :grinning: