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Match Thread - Wycombe Wanderers F.C. vs Tottenham Hotspur - FA Cup


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Vital Youth Team
Missed my first full match view of Spurs for several years last night. The late matches in the UK are very late here, starting at 10PM and finishing around midnight. After a number of hours travelling yesterday I fell asleep thirty minutes into the game, maybe indicative of the game, and only woke up again ten minutes from the end. Guess I saw everything worth seeing. Based on the game generally, for me there are two main observations.
We have some decent squad players capable of stepping in individually and playing their part when necessary with the better players around them. Collectively though, and this has now been proven on a number off occasions, they would struggle to perform as a team at Championship level.
We have half of a very good midfield in Hojbjerg and Ndombele, and it is great to see Tanguy becoming a third scoring option in the team. It is only half though, with a danger currently of Hojbjerg and/or Ndombele burning out as a result of the workload they carry, We need another defensive and attacking midfielder of the same quality. In terms of existing players, with Dele seemingly out of the equation, those two players are Winks and Lo Celso. I'm not convinced that either of them are genuine top level players.
Lol Celso is top level but he may prove to be injury prone.
I have just watched the game again, I always record em, any hows what EX said about the pitch is correct, yes Lucas and Winks did turn their players a few times, but in general the ball did bounce oddly most of the time, in the more central area's, we did see better ball control on the out side of the pitch where it seemed to be in far better condition.

I enjoyed it more the 2nd time, I wonder why lol! the trouble was the majority of finishing was still very poor and never changed lol!


Vital Champions League
Didn't get to see the game but from reading match reports to positive side of things is at least we created loads in chances with the second string on, albeit missing them. Disappointing that Son, Kane, Hojbjerg and NDombele all had to be called upon to finish them off. Good to see another game where none of the goals were scored by Kane/Son and only 1 assisted by them. We need others to step up in front of goal.

Nick Real Deal

Vital Football Legend
He has a general mental problem whenever he attempts a shot on goal, with either foot.

He is generally one of the most technically sound players in the squad.

Maybe he has recognised the problem himself? He says he has been working on his shooting. He was practicing in the warm up. He perhaps needs to take a little power off and put more shape on the shot rather than blast it, place it.