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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Blackpool


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Blackpool also stopped us playing. They knew how our game works and smothered it and smothered us. At one point I saw three Blackpool players crowding Poole near our corner flag. Edun was shadowed by at least two players all game. We just couldn't find an out ball. And Grant's moment of madness sums up what we did with the ball when we had it.
I've a feeling that will be the last game Grant plays for us. Probably got a release clause in his contract specifying he can leave for "x" if we didn't get promotion.


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Another game we lose when we have a big hole in the middle of a weak midifield. I don't mean in terms of the players because Bridcutt, Grant and McGrandles are great midfielders but Bridcutt was always too deep, Grant was always too left and McGrandles always too far forward. Every second ball we cleared fell into a 40 yard hole that their midfield could take without challenge and that was what did for us again.

We need to try and become much more disciplined in midfield otherwise teams (especially good ones) have a free run straight at our defence.


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Congrats to Blackpool. Deserved it today. The better team on the day.

God I hate the play offs.

Very disappointed, think there will be several players that will be a bit disappointed with their performance. Midfield were dominated. Can't expect to win if you don't hit the target. Didn't get the ball to the wings enough and the passing wasn't quite good enough. Too many long balls that were easily defended by Blackpool. Though the officials were dog shite, they didn't really affect the result. We just didn't get the rub of the green, not sure their first goal was handball but it could have easily been written off.

Gutted. Its the hope that kills you. The most painful thing is I'm just not sure we'll get another opportunity to get promoted to the championship any time soon.

Despite all that, it's been a fantastic season. Much better than I ever expected. And I look forward to being able to witness the football first hand next season.

Looking forward to the excitement of the rumour mill.


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No complaints from me, the best team won. We lacked fluidity and were far too passive for the majority of the first half. More even second, but no efforts on target tells it own tale. Maybe we did not quite get the rub of the green but you make your own luck. Still been a magnificent season though.

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Totally broken. Gutted.

However, we had a lower half budget this season, and made it to this stage, so just where can Michael Appleon take us?

Championship it is, just not this season. Up The Imps!
Although we lost and it hurts. We have been at Wembley rather that than an away trip to Kings Lynn. No disrespect to Kings Lynn but we've had our time in the National League, some are returning they liked it that much.