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Match Thread: Accrington Stanley v Lincoln City

Warrington Imp

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Weather not too bad at present rain not to heavy but likely to get heavier later going to go if it’s on but noticed Rochdale has just been called off so we may well not play.


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Morning, Team Match Thread.

Agree that keeping it simple is the way to go today with the weather taking a hand. Keeping it on the ground and playing it out from the back (get the glasses handy, Notty) may be the only way to retain a modicum of control!

Any idea how the Wham stadium is oriented WRT wind direction if the match goes ahead??


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Rochdale have just called off their match against Tranmere. I know their pitch isn’t the best but it’s only about 15 miles from Accrington. Finger crossed for this one. 🤞
Rochdale have just called off their match against Tranmere. I know their pitch isn’t the best but it’s only about 15 miles from Accrington. Finger crossed for this one. 🤞
Spotland has previous, I recall once being in the Regal Moon oblivous to the rain and when we headed to Spotland we were greeted by folk walking away from the ground, grumbling "match off". Another time made it as far as having a few pints in the sorely missed Church, when someone piped up "Match Off!" .

Accy is a bit windswept but the playing surface drains better than Spotland, despite thier proximity. I recall watching the Imps at Accy in a torrential down pour once. Hopefully its game on.


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Safe travels to Imps on their travels, hopefully a good result for the journey back.

Not the best of places to go.. and that’s when the weather is nice!

Who ever handles the weather better will be the winners for me.. maybe some more experienced heads in there today who are used to playing on tougher surfaces.


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Short vid on clubs twitter from the stadium, pitch looks fine and corner flags vertical!

Wind livened up here in last hour but still not the predicted storm.

Think it will be side on to the pitch.

Red Wimp

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Watching West Brom v Forest. Both teams forsaken playing out from the back due to the conditions. Hope we’re sensible too.


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unless Bozzy, TJ or Lewis is providing the defensive cover, still seems strange to sign him up for 2.5 years and drop him completely after a few games.
we have become a very random club at the moment. Does beg the question are we being managed accordingly?

Surely even if he is not playing he should travel with the squad and should be watching from the stands.

Then again perhaps I am too old school for Lincoln City 2020. Next someone will be telling me that we have defenders who are really midfielders who can play the ball from the back?

Either that or the game has been called off and he didn’t fancy a trip to John Lewis


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Safe travel to everyone today.
I agree with Bristolimp, I'd play another one or two experienced heads today their place, Freck/Bossie/Pett if fit and bring the young legs on later. I fear If we play the same side we used against MKD (Morrell excluded) we will lose.
Let’s hope Accrington intend to field 30% of their outfield players that have no match fitness and have recently suffered long term injuries, in this game which will all be about battling and physical effort.

Personally, looking for a pretty settled side, as we continue the very early stages of the development of the team. I temper my great optimism that we are well run with people in charge who know what we are trying to achieve, with the knowledge that the early stages will be the most difficult.

I shall ask myself after every 10/15 games if I can see any progress.

First 15 games of MA reign saw us go from 6-0 defeats to beating Ipswich and Peterborough.

We are just in the second section, having reset with a whole new squad. Expect a slow but steady improvement by May, although with ups and downs.

This is a long term project.