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Match Thread: Accrington Stanley v Lincoln City


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"Be prepared for an ugly game.":

"Be prepared for an ugly game. It would seem that Saturday's game will be played in heavy rain and possibly wind thanks to Storm Dennis."

MA: "It's important to stay true to what we're about.":

Summary of Thursday's press conference with Michael Appleton.

Dude, Where's Your Card? - Accrington Stanley v Lincoln City:

Information about today's officials.

"There are not many who could manage with the restrictions we have historically had at the club." (Who Are Ya?):

"There are not many who could manage with the restrictions we have historically had at the club. We have generally had the lowest budget in the leagues we have played in, smallest gates and no training ground. On that basis they guy deserves a medal!"


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Good luck to all those hardy Imps travelling to Accy. Tough game this against a tenacious Accy side and what are likely to be very challenging conditions. Looking forward to seeing what side we do put out for this. Can see Max back at LB and Edun moving into the middle. Would like to see Scully start ahead of Hesketh and would be good to see Eyoma on the bench as centre half cover. Was a bit harsh on here about Tuesdays effort but looking back we did create some golden chances. Just hope we start converting some of them today. UTI 👊💥


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Safe travels for the brave fans making the trip.

I feel we need to blood our own players from now on and not loans.

if the new style needs bedding in do it now not next season. Keep the loan players as backup.

also I feel they should still use Pett and Frecklington as they are experienced heads and they are on the payroll. Both have played a part in our recent success. It is a shame for them to leave the club in this circumstances and both not kicking a ball again.

I will be honest I don’t really like listening to the press conferences at the best of time as most of it is hot air and BS and when I saw Appleton wearing stone island I certainly wasn’t going to give it time. There is nothing wrong with a nice club track suit.

I want Appleton to succeed but only because I am a Lincoln city fan. But to be honest I can see him leaving at the end of next season - mutual frustration in that he will not be able to find players who can play total football on a league one budget and the club because it has lost touch with all the good things it has recently built.

I have been following the imps to remember the bad days but even John Beck has charisma. I just feel that with every botched defensive play and crowd groan a little bit of the revitalised imps dies. If we are not careful we could end up like Bristol Rovers - running at a loss treading water and a diminishing fan base!
Safe travel to everyone today.
I agree with Bristolimp, I'd play another one or two experienced heads today their place, Freck/Bossie/Pett if fit and bring the young legs on later. I fear If we play the same side we used against MKD (Morrell excluded) we will lose.


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Weather forecasts suggest Dennis arrives in Chester 2 hours before Accy, so far here theres been lots of rain this morning, breezy but wind nowhere near as strong as forecast - yet!

Match should certainly be good to start, just hope wind and rain forecast to coincide with the game isn't so bad that match is abandoned.

An afternoon to keep it simple, both in team selection and on the pitch.

Safe journeys those who are going, at least I've got the luxury of waiting until about 1 before setting off.