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In Cook we trust?

I doubt the owners will be as patient with the manager this season if things go pear shaped. Leeds followed by two tricky away games will test our management team. We need an away victory to settle the nerves.
I believe the Leeds game will prove extremely important for Paul Cook. He is adrift and has learnt nothing from last season. Team selection, tactics are weird, to say the least. I think if we lose on Saturday David Unsworth will be in charge before the next home game.
Very much doubt that. I think most people expect us to get beat by Leeds, as long as it's not 4 or 5, remember Cook kept us up last season, most of our managers get until bonfire night, I think Hutchings was the exception?

exiled tic

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Seems some relish the thought that defeat on Saturday will be the end of Cook! Not a chance of that happening, and the comment about Cook being adrift? Right over my head that one!


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Cook will be going nowhere and rightly so until we are marooned in the bottom three with a genuine fight on our hands to stay up.

I’ll panic if we start getting beat at home by the likes of Barnsley in a few weeks and Charlton next month. Certainly not Leeds who will probably finish in the top 2 with the best manager in the league.


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If you was a owner of a football club and saw a manager clearly not trying to win a game of football would you be happy winning gives good vibes around the place

Proud Latic

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I had doubts about Cook last season, but he proved me wrong and turned things around. Due to to this, I think that he deserves time to show us what he can do.

The result against Preston was unfortunate, but the result the previous week against Cardiff was brilliant and unexpected.

Let's see how the team gets on in the next 7-8 games before we even consider questioning the manager. We have a lot of new players and it will take some time to determine what our best team is.


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The fans did not turn last season so despite the wishful thinking they will not turn this year!
They turned last year after Blackburn away but we won the Bolton match which would have seen the end of him I’m sure had we failed to win. I reckon he was also on the brink after New Year’s Day but once again won a vital home game against Aston Villa which possibly kept him in the job.

Over 8 million spent, no players sold for big money by the board, if we’re in the bottom three at Christmas, the fans will turn without a doubt.