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F A Cup Final

Rod Currie

Vital 1st Team Regular
According to the BBC this morning, it was "an FA Cup final fit for 90,000". I think I must have had the wrong channel on. All I saw was two sets of cheats trying to out-cheat each other and a shocking refereeing performance.
I thought the first half was a good game but the divin and that Banker of a referee spoilt it and the 2nd half wasn't owt to shout abart that said the finish for the 2nd goal was brilliant as was the finish for Chelski's goal in my opinion.UTMPB


Vital Squad Member
I thought 1st half was OK but I hope we don't adopt the system from the goalie getting the ball of two wide and one centrally on the 18 yard line. Then the create little triangles of joy as it goes from one to another then back to the keeper. Then
more triangles. to try to get to the halfway line.