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Brexit Day!

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Vital Reserves Team
Everyone is putting great focus on Brexit day, when in affect it means very little.
The important part will be the agreements reached in this year, if we leave in December.
Would be no surprise if it goes very quiet now as the general public who wanted Brexit think it is done. They can have there parties tonight driving to them in German cars, drinking Belgian beer, listening to music on Chinese equipment, standing in buildings with timber from Scandinavia, blockwork from Canada or China, glasses being washed by Spanish dishwashers and eating snacks harvested by poles and affording it all on the prosperity driven through trade with the EU!
Westminster now have absolute power with no normalisation from the EU.
Hopefully they see it would not be in the interest of the country or the EU to agree a punitive trade deal.
There could be a lot of chatter about taking back control of our borders and preventing immigration, probably as a smoke screen, but for there to be wholesale changes to trade would have a damaging effect on the EU and cripple the UK. I hope that does not happen. Could we align ourselves to EU law and trade, probably.

We(?) have thrown away 30 years of growth in the UK. Time distorts how poor the UK was in the 70's prior to entering the common market.
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