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I'm a prime member so prime video and delivery of items bought is free. Some great original series, well worth the money when you have as many deliveries as I do at my house!

Be interesting to see how they cover the xmas games and as it's not going to cost me a penny more - looking forward to it.

Same here Ex, the Mrs signed up for the deliveries !


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I am being very lazy....

I have never used this before - is there a TV channel or is it all app based?

I normally us PS4 for BT
Most Smart TV's have Prime as a built in viewing platform much like Netflix nd all the other catch-up and On Demand services.
I've had it for years purely for the occasional next day delivery on all Amazon stuff and for the kids to have access to Prime films etc..

Having footie on there comes as an added bonus for me!! :wahey:


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This is interesting....

What format will the coverage take?
Well, perhaps because the Amazon brand is not immediately associated with football, the shopping giant has played it as safe as possible with the onscreen talent.
Any football fan who fears change, i.e. most of us, will feel on secure ground.
Punditry will come from a familiar, if deep, roster that includes Thierry Henry, Alan Shearer, Peter Crouch, Roberto Martinez, Lee Dixon, Harry Redknapp, Jermaine Jenas, Alex Scott, Peter Schmeichel and Michael Owen.
Hosts include Gabby Logan and Eilidh Barbour, and the lesser-spotted Jim Rosenthal, a big beast of eighties football TV who is perhaps the most eye-catching signing for the new broadcaster.
Steve Bower, the Match of the Day commentator, will host a goals/scores show during the action with Dion Dublin, Robbie Savage, Tim Sherwood, Joe Cole and Dermot Gallagher.
Commentators will be Clive Tyldesley, Jon Champion, Connor McNamara, Guy Mowbray and Ian Darke; with Amazon clearly not looking to reinvent the wheel in terms of the voices and faces on offer.

I bump into Jim Rosenthal occasionally at the gym. Great guy and always up for a chat on football. Not sure I want Sherwood back on my screen though.