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Wolves v Newcastle


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Those who fear relegation should gain a lot of confidence from what they saw there,we are not great but still a lot better than any team in the bottom 8 and we are only two points off 13th place.

Ashley with the help of Rafa is going to make us all look like whinging twats.

Paul Kannell

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Over injury time and the keeper was strangled, simply not a goal and no way that's given against the mancs or liverpool, disgusting refereeing. Cheats, plain and simple.


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Aye,brilliant earlier,has a look of Carrick about him.
He'll be gone in a few seasons time to pay for the fkr's pie bill.


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It amazes me that some players, presumably because they were cheap but reasonably competent, become immune from criticism by the happy clappers. The fact is that Dubravka has cost us 3 points in the last 2 games. Yeah I know he made some saves too, that's his job btw, the one he gets paid for.