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What a beautiful day

I've just been out too, but only to have my once fortnightly Lateral Flow Test, the nerves are going waiting for the result....

Just got the result, they couldn't 'read the sample', got to go have another.

Out I go again (after footie of course).

Gills 58

Vital Football Hero
Sun is out, temp is up a bit and there's a lovely feeling of Spring in the air here in old London town.
I've allowed myself a small feeling of optimism about possibly beating "you know what" and life feels good.

Have a great day everyone.
If you are on duty at the end of Downing Steeet then I walked past you at about 12.30pm. Were you there?

chris who

Vital Football Hero
Even better day now that John Akindie scored a brace.Well done John .Always had faith you would come good well against 2nd rate sides like Bristol rovers anyway.