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Vs Man City


Vital 1st Team Regular
So how many are Citeh going to score tonight? 6, 7, 8?
Or will Brucellosis almighty luck continue and end up with some kind of result against all reasonable explanation, probably thanks to a controversial VAR decision that'll have Jamie Carragher threatening to phone the FA and spit all over the phone.


Vital Youth Team
We will get hammered or at least we should. But this is NUFC. At least it’s a game we all expect to lose so anything else would be a bonus or miracle😂


Vital Champions League
Imagine being an opposition coach and preparing your teamfor playing Newcastle.

"Well their strengths are..."
"Their dangerous players are..."

Can't pass. Can't attack. Can't defend. Don't press. No movement. No organisation. No clue

What a fucking joke


Vital 1st Team Regular
City didn't even get out of 1st gear and they didn't need to. Sterling too busy showboating or trying to but the gulf in class is beyond sight. Far far far too easy for City and its fucking lucky that they couldn't be arsed because that could and should have been a massacre.

SDU are fucking awful, offer absolutely nothing! Get the fucking ball in the box, think Almiron managed one cross all game. Runs then stops, allowing defenders to get back then loses the ball. How this **** has some kind of cult following is staggering, absolutely useless and at fault for the 2nd goal.

Cut their losses with Joelinton, the worst player I've seen, up there with dross like Franck Pingle and Andreas Andersson.


Vital Youth Team
To be fair what do people expect playing the likes of Man City a 2-0 loss is respectable. I thought there were some decent performances overall not wonderful but ok. Darlo and Matty Longstaff oh and Clarke and Hayden put in a reasonable shift. Up front we were toothless as usual and needed to get the ball into the box quicker. Better than v Brentford and Fulham.