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Vickers v Smith

Absolutely no slight on Vickers at all but I have to say Grant Smith look very accomplished in everything he did last night! As I’ve said before DC has had another good transfer window in my humble opinion!


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You need two quality goalkeepers and we seem to have this with Vickers and Smith. I would expect Vickers to have the start against Northampton but he will have to keep on his game to keep the shirt which can only be a good thing for the club


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Smith certainly looks like he can start an attack with his decent long passes and I like to see a keeper bowl the ball out some of the time too. Apart from a nervy start against Norwich, he looked pretty assured against Wednesday. Going to be very good competition.


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Only seen the highlights of the Wednesday game so no great in-depth view. The only thing i noticed was I thought Vickers was a little out of position for the Wednesday goal (a bit too near his near post) so couldn't get across to the cross-shot). Maybe being harsh on him and as I say, that's all I've got to go on so far.


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I'm relatively unfussed as we have got 2 very decent keepers and quite happy with either. This is one case where competition for the starting place is extremely healthy and will only benefit us.