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Tottenham Hotspur vs. West Ham United FC - PL


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Vital Football Legend
I'm not sure Jose is ready to play only Hojbjerg as the DM/CM. Until it really clicks I'm sure he will want to play Sissoko or Winks beside him for extra protection.

Maybe against the lesser teams we can afford to just play Hojbjerg. West Ham will be a threat.


Vital Champions League
Tanguy is getting there but isn't there yet IMO so I don't think you could play just him and PEH, I would trust GLC and PEH I think GLC has the discipline to play deeper.


Vital Youth Team
I am expecting ref interference this weekend aimed at giving spam three points. I had held out the hope that VAR might stymy the bent refs that hate us, but I cannot recall VAR overturning bad referring decisions in our favour. It would be great to see the stats on successful VAR over rules by team and the deviation curve.