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The Proposed New Euro Greed League


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I agree.

I actually supported the proposals as I don’t particularly like the fans of any of those clubs and would love to see them fuck off. It would potentially give us a chance to win something too. However, hardly any details were released allowing people to make a conscious and rational assessment of it. This leads me to think it was smoke and mirrors.
I didn't get time to fully digest/understand what it was all about before it started to crumble

I don't believe for a second that they went to the bother they did to then jack it all in at the first bit of unrest - that's just not how billionaires roll

There's more shite to come I reckon
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Yes, it's seems too simplistic to think that the billionaire owners have just had a 'senior moment' and now want it all forgotten. As an aside It seemed a bit ironic watching the Chelsea fans chanting 'we want our club back' last night before the game against Brighton. Was that referring to when Ken Bates was in charge in div 2 and Matthew Harding trying to oust him? Or was it when the Russian billionaire rolled into town?


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The only thing I can think of is that it's been a play to get the plans for the Champion's League redrawn. There has to have been another agenda rather than what was proposed. If you take it at face value not one of these clubs, all hugely successful entities for a number of years anticipated any sort of backlash both from the individual leagues they're in and from their own fans and supporters. I don't believe it. I also don't believe they didn't anticipate that there would be repercussions for breaking their individual leagues rules or that they weren't aware that there would be. On an individual club level Liverpool have been the most badly damaged from a p.r. point of view from this. Particularly with their history as socialist collective club. Their own manager as well as their captain both made statements against it and their fans are some of the most militant in Europe. It could well be the beginning of the end for F.S.G.