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The Proposed New Euro Greed League

Its inevitable it will happen , whether now or in the future,but it will happen.

A global league watched by subcribers on their vitual reality head set, who needs a ground or a fan base thats local.

These clubs have removed their affiliation to their cities and their fans and are focussed on the far east

Players will be shipped around the globe and auctioned off like cattle, but earn a fortune. Watch Sky or BT scramble to get the rights and flog it to the millions

I wonder whether Richard Masters was aware of this when he took their advice on our proposed takeover. I would not be suprised to see his name involved in its organisation down the line

in the meantime support grass roots football, try a few lower league games, where your by the pitch, involved , with a pie and a pint


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There will be a few twists and turns before anything is resolved. Money talks fans have no say in what goes on we know this from experience. Everyone can shout and scream as loud as they want it will have no baring on the eventual outcome in my opinion.


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The billionaire owners don't give a fuck about the fans. They want to replace the passionate, traditional fan with the don't give a fuck, all for the experience day tripper fan (as they don't protest) Essentially what Mike Ashley has done for the last 14 years.

They'll get rid of season tickets and match days will be a day out for all the family experience day. For example - Real Madrid v Man City will be a sellout at the Bernabeu (as will the reverse fixture at the Etihad). The odd fixture will be played in the US or China (they'll fill the stadiums no problem at all).

The money to be made on TV is astronomical, it would dwarf the current PL TV deal. Imagine a Netflix type streaming service for this Super League, they won't even NEED fans in the ground. In fact they'll probably paint the seats green and CGI the fans in before live streaming.

It's fucking mental!

And now Chelsea are requesting to withdraw! WTF is going on?
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You know I am not bothered about this development. My view is "fuck 'em". Let them go off to their noddy superleague and take their plastic supporters with them. Less money in the premiership? Good. it might chase some of the parasites like Ashley away from our leagues.


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A few other teams are now withdrawing too. Here’s hoping they’re all demoted to the lower echelons as punishment. They can’t do this and expect to have the same rewards as before. It’s like Britain expecting the same benefits of the EU after disparaging them for 30 odd years. Tell the dirty dozen to fuck and we may see them in 10 years time.


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Well that was fun while it lasted

There's a rabbit off somewhere but I'm not sure where
I agree.

I actually supported the proposals as I don’t particularly like the fans of any of those clubs and would love to see them fuck off. It would potentially give us a chance to win something too. However, hardly any details were released allowing people to make a conscious and rational assessment of it. This leads me to think it was smoke and mirrors.