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The Official January Transfer Window Thread.


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Yup, tread water, not worried about promotion this year (but can't say that), shead and rebuild over the summer with key additions/youth showing they deserve it.

Also starting somewhat more fresh on an FFP front as we lose the horrendous first year calculation.

That's how we build. Kids are out to prove themselves, loanees are in to prove themselves (Jan business), we can't sell some so are winding down time until contracts expire and in some ways players ceasing to perform how we already know Smith wants us to play (allowing for Tuanzebe/Grealish unexpected losses) will have answered questions on new deals.


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Agree, but I can see us utilising the U23's much more to fill the voids. Hopefully they will be used to each other and hit the ground running. We all live in hope GGS.
Surely then we should have been trying to integrate at least a couple of them into the team now seeing as play offs are looking more out of reach as the games go by


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In the current climate where everyone, including Smith, is shit gary?

Let them find their legs without the pressure. Our form went hysterically when the useless Grealish got injured after all.