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The official Deano's nutter neighbour thread!


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Deano, what happened to decking people? One decent punch and tell him if you hear him talking about you ever again he'll get more of the same.

Pride of Lions

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Clubpaver - 26/7/2012 00:17

You could have a bit of fun with this guy Deano.
Dress up as a helicopter pilot one day,a police officer the next ,then come home wearing a nun`s outfit.
Give him something to gossip about.
If he really plays up,let the local hooligan chavs know he`s a kiddy fiddler.
Problem solved.FOC.

Some good points Clubpaver, though if Deano came home wearing a nuns outfit the guy mistake him for a Nun on the Run......



Draig Cymraeg

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We had horrible neighbours for years. A couple that used to fight constantly. He'd throw her against the wall. Lost count of the times I dialed 999 or the non emergency number.

Then they finally got evicted and we had a terrible neighbour again who used to play music really loud all day and have really loud sex at like 3 in the morning.

We simply recorded everything and kept complaining to the landlord.

We've had a new neighbour now for around 4 weeks and so far shes been nice and quiet. Hope it stays that way as we are selling the house soon.


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the landlord may not care in 1 sense however if you give him a copy of a regular log of what is happening telling him you are involving agencies he will have to act because the place is rented he can be in serious trouble himself for not dealing with difficult tenants.

Been there ourselves years ago: It's exhausting however keep on with the ideas that are put forward. It helps yourself knowing you are doing something even though it gets frustrating at times. It will take time to sort so you can't waver in what you do and keep a log of all your phone calls to agencies talks to the landlord etc etc.

These prove invaluable when needs to cross reference and give days times etc. etc. and give a clear pattern as to when how etc. etc


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Deano seriously do not threaten him in anyway no not confront him with out witnesses as you maybe in trouble for threatening and abusive behaviour towards a vulnerable adult.

Got to disagree with a solicitor at this moment in time all that'll do is give you a hefty bill for doing nothing.


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Should have clarified re with a solicitor you can go to The CAB and get a free hour's advice on certain drop in legal days however yes Skeggy is right on cost but it's also worth mentioning you will see one to any agencies and certainly to his landlord as they don't know if you will or not

Yes Skeggy is right over confronting him on your own and probably not a good idea to even with a witness as witnesses can back down through fear. Your lass wouldn't be seen as a credible witness either as it could be said she should would support you.

You need to be clear you understand he has health difficulties with any agency etc. you speak too, however that doesn't mean you haven't got rights because you have and say that. You can also use that in any contact you have with agencies as to why you haven't approached him directly as I don't think I would even with a separate witness because of the difficulties he has.

I was recently put in the position of having to call the police to a meeting as a visitor that evening who has clear mental health problems and isn't by their own admission taking their meds at the moment was being disruptive confrontational and scaring people.

When the police arrived to begin with they were more supportive of the person causing the problems because of the P.C side.

It was very frustrating trying to get through to them that whilst we had compassion we had to keep the meeting safe.

Just telling you this to give you some forewarning of scenario's you might come up against for your own situation


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If its rented via housing benefit he'll have to probably move out from next April when the new laws come in regarding under occupancy, example if he's a soul occupant in a three bedroom house he would have to make up the deficit on the rent. I believe it's going to be between £30-£40 a week on each extra bedroom.


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He will have the right to make up the amount he loses from housing benefits if he is on them and it depends on how much he gets from welfare as to whether he can afford to or not as well as whether he wants to or move to a smaller place or pay the additional rent

He can't be made to move providing he pays the additional monies on these grounds.

Hopefully you can get something done before that on his behavior as that is a entirely separate matter



One Bloody Number
Police have been in touch. She is in agreement with everything we have said and she is going to be taking a statement from our workmen.

She has also forwarded it on to the anti social behaviour team and will be back in touch.


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DeanoVilla - 26/7/2012 11:56

Police have been in touch. She is in agreement with everything we have said and she is going to be taking a statement from our workmen.

She has also forwarded it on to the anti social behavior team and will be back in touch.

Glad to hear it and make sure you keep pressure on the agencies too to keep it moving along as they can be awfully slow


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Your missing the point Kefkat he'll have to make up perhaps £320 a month! Will he be able to afford it is the question being raised not the fact he will be made to move!

Deano don't get too excited about the anti social behaviour lot