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The official Deano's nutter neighbour thread!


One Bloody Number
The Fear - 26/7/2012 12:27

You want to stress that the kids are stressed and scared by it all.

That might tip the balance for you.
We have.

The other week he was rowing with the neighbour on the opposite side to us about parking on the road as they had visitors over. He was F'ing and Jeffing all over the pace and threatening to punch him etc.. Nat's girls were with her at the time and had to lisen to all of this.

Funny thing is the guy doesn't even own a car, so why the fcuk does he care about parking?!?!

I think he just likes confrontation. It's almost as if he's so lonely that shouting at people and getting into arguments is like his interaction for the day.


Bringer Of The Seasons
Just spoken to my mate, Ex Gordon Highlander I was posted to Belfast with him for three years. Anyway he's now a social worker on the adult mental health team in Newcastle he suggests phone the social services duty team who would inform the relevant departments.


One Bloody Number
We do all ignore him. His bahaviour is almost daily, and has been ongoing for years. That was only the 2nd ever time Natalie has felt compelled to respond.

Also how do you ignore someone shouting and banging at 2a.m.? Are we just to accept that as normal behviour and accept a life of sleepless nights?
Absolutely not, I should have clarified, ignore him do not talk to him but keep track of every single thing he does and let everyone know. Like others have suggested.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Have you tried the "I`m your friendly neighbour" approach ?
Invite him round for a cuppa or take him down the boozer and have a good old "get to know you"bonding session ?
While you`re down the pub,have mate brick up his front and back doors.


Vital Football Legend
KRS186 - 26/7/2012 20:58

'anti social behavior team' LOL as if such a thing exists.
Here they are on patrol:

<img src=>


Vital 1st Team Regular
its one of the reasons i dont like summer is the local idiots who think its acceptable to play loud music (and very poor taste might i add) combined with smoking bbq and arguments into the late hours.


One Bloody Number
He's been very quiet recently to be fair..... wonder if the police have been in touch. They must've been, seems a bit odd otherwise.

Only problem we've had in the last couple of weeks was Saturday morning him and his next door neighbour having one of their full volume chats over their back fence at 7:45 a.m. but luckily it didn't bother me as I was up to return my courtesy car anyway.

Nat was trying to have a nice lie in though so she was cursing, but apart from that he's been pretty non-existant..... long may it continue!


One Bloody Number
You bloody jinx Trekker!

You had to ask didn't you?

He came home at 11:45 last night (god knows where he goes) and as soon as he was off his bike, he was talking to himself, then shouting to himself, then Nat got up to look out the window and it looked as though he was beating himself up.... all while we were trying to get to sleep.

Went on for about 30 minutes before he finally went inside.

Bloody nutter!