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The Fitness/Nutrition Thread

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
And a proper rest, and hydration and the like... which I'm sure you know.

I'm still out, feels no short term chance of getting going, not even for a stroll at the moment, but these flair ups can leave very dramatically. With that said, they can also last months.

Got my doctor checking with the brain ache man re a drug some Americans are using to good effect, if not will have to try to get some off the internet. And looking a possible albeit sadly expensive procedure in Barcelona. Long way to go before pushing to do that though.

I don't think it is beyond the realms that I'll end up having a shunt.

We will see.

Missing the gym but it is what it is.
24 miles yesterday, and 46 today.

I was knackered by the end. I pushed the legs to failure several times during the ride. After 32 miles they'd had enough. Good job I had the motor to get me home!!!!!!


I speak from a point of total ignorance
An update on my request for assistance re feeling knackered, and diet etc.
It has been one week tomorrow since starting to eat porridge first thing, together with toast and jam, plus regular drinking of fluid.
Well, I am genuinely surprised to say, that Mr Fear said it would be a quick fix, and so it has proved.
The energy levels have raised and the walk is now being done at a good pace.
The porridge has took me back to how Mum and Nan used to make it, sixty years ago, and it tastes great.
It is still a chore to keep drinking the water but I am getting there and definately feeling all round fitter.
The only downside so far has been coming down a steep field yesterday and the bloody Springer ran straight across the front of me and I went arse over tit and twisted my ankle a bit, but nothing that will stop me.
Thanks to everyone who contributed advice.


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Spoke to my thai boxing gym. For the forseeable future they are only doing non contact training. So no pad work, no sparring. I kept my membership over lockdown to help them out but i cant keep paying 45quid a month for something i would never use. I can train at home on par with what they are offering. I only go to spar really. So reluctantly i am going to have to cancel until things go back to normal. Feel guilty but its just money down the drain.
Day off today. Wahooo. Having every sunday off now. So every sunday is beasting day. Morning wake up work out completed.

60 press ups
50 tricep dips
50 weighted jumping squats
50 tricep extensions
No rest in between. Its a challenging one.

Did that 3 times but had a decent rest in between the 3 circuit's.

Day of plenty of protein now. Then a monster session later.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Yeah, you've been more than fair, most people wouldn't do that, but you have to look after you and yours, so nothing to feel guilty about in my humble Col.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Turns out I pushed the old legs a bit too hard yesterday. They did not want to wake up today.

29 miles shortened to 26, and relieved to get home!!!!

Still, at least my legs should be getting stronger when they recover. Especially give all the protein I'm eating.
It is boring, but force yourself to rest at times for a good few, consecutive days, your body will thank you. Although I understand making hay at the moment, with winter / worse weather not too long away.

And I do know I'm like a cracked record
LOl, I took two days off Wed and Thur, and then was limited by strong winds on Fri, and wanted to push to failure on my return. It's deliberate, to build strength. Just a slightly worse reaction than I expected.

They'll be fine tomorrow.

I have to say, my legs are beasts at the moment!!! The muscles are huge, and I can generate a massive amount of power already. More pleasing still, I can maintain power for much longer periods than I ever have before.

And like you say, there are reminders every day that winter isn't far away!!!! I was even looking at winter cycling clothing earlier today.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Yes, but with the aim to build strength, rest is a big part, and active rest days, so you would go far steadier (even if your head is saying go full pelt)

Explained before I think, if you are trying to break your record on deadlifts for example, you'll build up to a big weight, then you'll take your foot off the pedal (punn to your cycling not intended) and do lower weight/high reps for a while, let your muscles and nerve endings etc recover, then go high again... and so on!