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The Aston Villa Kit Thread 2018 - Luke Roper Shirt


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Excuse my ignorance but how does a niche designer manufacture 50k shirts in a few months?

It must take a fair bit of organisation for a huge company like Nike let alone venturing into the unknown.

I’m not against the move I just hope the quality is good, and not a fancy design put on a poor quality garment off the shelf.


The Shackles Are Off!
Turquoise and pink with a black badge. I can only begin to imagine what the goalkeeper and away kits are going to look like...


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If that is supposed to be claret and blue, then we are going to look as ridiculous on the pitch as we do off it. As gmvillan says turquoise and pink ffs:downer::shake:.


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Ah! love it :clap::bow:the good old 1990s South American stylee :eek!: Whoever sanctioned that design should have stayed off the mescaline whilst at work. That truly is a sight to behold, I love the fact that it's ten sizes too big as well as being a sensational colour scheme based on an old native indian design.

I'd like to think that it's an outfield kit as opposed to only being sported by a keeper and that the mittens are part of the plan. Would go down well with the loud folk at the Trillion Stadium.

Melon Donkey

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Not sure I really get the negativity on this. They are a training kit to be worn in errrrr...,training. So unless you spend a weird amount of time at BH you won't see them.

What is wrong with them?. When we have had a bright yellow away kit or a green,black , red away kit is this really that bad?. I'm more worried about other things going on to be honest.

I think the negativity against is just a result of the general anger against those that run the club. And for that I cannot blame anyone. Although it's really not that bad.m


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I quite like it. It's only the training kit, the last few I've bought have been white, dark blue and black so it's not like it's going to be relevant to the home shirt. The only thing I'd change is the badge but I doubt the designer of the kit has the power to do anything about that.


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Surely the training kit gives an indication of what the match kits will look like.
I think what we have seen so far is horrible and so does everyone else I've shown it to.
I don't think so Fulford , the UA training gear was different to the kit and came in different colours as well.

I think wait until Monday and see is the best thing.