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Team vs brentford


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SEVEN players who Webber bought since relegation don’t start games
Interesting that. DF obviously not a fan of Webber's signings. DF seems to struggle with the british talent that Webber brings in and that might not be all down to DF it might be the british players not liking the very tough training that DF has or not having the attitude that DF likes.:

Dowell - Hugill (obviously too soon for these two) - Roberts - Watkins - Raggett - Phillips - Husband - Edwards - and then there are the young players who came and went very quickly.


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Makes you realise that we had a big squad but not too much real quality outside the main 11.

If we are losing you look to the bench and who is it you think 'yes throw him on'
There is not really a game changer which is maybe why DF brings on subs so late to hold on to small leads ?


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Many fans say DF is a football man and we are just amateur managers but can anybody see what Vrancic and Hernandez bring to such an important game ?