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Salary Cap?

Brendan Bradley

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But only if they actually have some income to start with. SMCP is completely irrelevant and unworkable as things stand.
Yes, that's a good point but you'd make a special case for extraordinary circumstances.

It's simple to enforce, the League sees the contracts doesn't it? All it has to do is register players until a club has reached its salary limit, then say no more registrations until you sell a player or fresh capital is introduced into the club.


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Seeing as the issue was one of consultation I'm guessing 'the question' will be/has been put to The PFA or they are on record as to what they want. If so does anybody know what their master plan is?

If not Q. to Gordon Taylor - What are your proposals to ensure the long term sustainability of professional football and therefore by definition the security of this generation of footballers and the thousands to follow in the ensuing years?


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I may be wrong, but I think the PFA wanted the Salary Cap scrapped as 'unlawful and unenforceable', but they only succeeded in having is stopped on the basis of improperly followed protocol (e.g. due process consultation). If this is correct (and consulting is the same as that carried out during redundancies i.e. the PFA have the right to put alternative proposals that have to be considered, but ultimately don't have to be agreed to for the changes to be implemented) then if the EFL undertake the correct protocol they can still impose the Salary Cap, regardless of whether the PFA agree or not.

I think the most important factor may be that the judgement does not alter the inability of the majority of clubs in L1 & L2 to afford to pay players any more than they are currently paying and some are thought to be incapable of even paying that. This will inevitably leave Sunderland, Ipswich, Charlton, Portsmouth and the like railing against the rest of us for some months yet.


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