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Rolling Results Thread 2019/20

Aubamyang’s yellow card overturned to red by VAR. Robertson’s- no action by the Referee and zero action taken by VAR.


I was unaware of this until I saw Sky Sports this morning. Zero fuss in the media. You can bet the house that had Agüero made that challenge and not been carded their would have been a media witch-hunt ever since.

We are not alone in noting just how favourably LiVARpool have been treated this season. Just check out the responses in the thread link in the post above. The difference in the actions by officials to these incidents speaks volumes towards how they view their need to have the dippers succeed domestically.
Maguire's clearance hit a Wolves hand (arm by his side) and it bounced to another, who scored.

By the letter of the law, right decision, but as McPointalot said, accidental.
Your view of Rice for West Ham at Sheffield revisited, Skoorb.