Rate the Ref : Home to Accrington 14.02.2021 | Vital Football

Rate the Ref : Home to Accrington 14.02.2021


Vital Football Hero
Martin Coy was the man in the middle tonight (this evening?....these kick off times are confusing)...anyhoo how do you think he did. Comments and votes out of 10 please


Vital Reserves Team
4. Thought he was very poor. Totally summed up for giving a foul against Rogers after their player had made a good tackle on him in the first half then got hurt in the process. Seemed to be whoever did the best job of falling over or rolling around got the foul. He’s an accident waiting to happen.


Vital Football Hero
Seemed to difficulty distinguishing between a fair tackle and a foul, got too many wrong for me.
Pretty much my thoughts. After about 20 minutes, I thought he'd decided if a player was on the deck it must be a foul.
Not terrible, didn't impact the result. We've had a lot better this season.


Vital 1st Team Regular
He was ok. The head injury rules are easily exploited by teams seeking advantage at a particular instant. They appeared to use this to good effect, but what can a ref do? 7/10