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Pitch Watch


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Pitch yesterday - thought it held up pretty well despite the wet of the last couple of days.
The SW corner is still a concern looked very sandy and still appears to have 'sunk'.

I see Gary had posted this on tit yesterday "The corner in question has been a constant worry for me the problem.there has been going on over the drop of 18inch from edge of 6yd box to the corner also there is only 2inch of soil there with bricks concrete and other rubble underneath the surface x I came to the club late this season but I can promise you it will get sorted with my next pitch reservation"

Interesting to hear Spearing had sprained his ankle in the first day of training at SG due to the ammount of sand on the pitch there.


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Pffttt, I'm up at 4:30am every day Nige! (Bloody tropics and no DLS).
He says he came to the club late this season but that's not true. He started before the season started so I'm confused by that statement.....


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Pretty common knowledge that we've parted company with him. Some chap from Arsenal in now the groundsman, although it may be on a short term basis only.


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Blackpool Football Club have confirmed groundsman Gary Lewis is no longer employed by the club.


Lewis, who claims to have been sacked on Monday, is no longer listed among the club's list of employees on the official website.

He joined the club as groundsman in July of last year, having spent three years with Macclesfield Town.

He replaced Stan Raby who was sacked after 14 years with the club.
Raby launched a claim of constructive dismissal against the Oystons but that case has now been resolved.


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I know the pitch is a mess right now - an absolute mess. If I was Pool manager (and be thankful I'm not), I'd be training at Bloomfield Road until the end of the season. We've been doing poorly at home lately and the more familiar we are with that cow patch, the better we will play there imo.


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We used to use the pitch undulations to our advantage.
I'm hoping we do a proper job on the pitch, clear that shite in the SW corner buried inches under the surface, sort the drainage out and have the pitch we used to have in the 70s, when we were the envy of every club in the league.


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Apparently Pete the new board are football people who were not impressed by his work ethic nor the state of the pitch.
The quote to me was "pretty patterns hiding the actual state of pitch".


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I always thought the pitch was great in the 70s but looking back on old footage things have moved on a lot. I always liked the trough on the wings so the ball used to stay in