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Vital 1st Team Regular
Oh, normal service is resumed as Palace have now 57% possession.

Pretty much toothless, Joelinton couldn't hit a white whale on a black background. Where's the creativity? Shelvey can't be arsed again.


Vital Youth Team
Palace are as negative as us didn’t see the game but will take an unexpected 3 points which I didn’t think we’d get. A good start to the weekend and bragging rights for me.Palace is the nearest team to where I live. I will ping a few texts to the Palace supporters that I know as I can’t meet them for a beer!


Vital 1st Team Regular
Joelinton's best performance in a Newcastle United shirt. Definitely an off striker/number 10. He hasn't a clue how to finish mind, as every time he was in it was a miss or hit right at the keeper. He kept plugging away mind and drew a lot fouls as well. For a big lad he's physically weak , Jimmy Krankie could knock him off the ball .