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Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough sponsored by Lavish US Weddings 4 U


Vital Champions League
There's a match on tonight at the stadium formerly known as the World Famous City Ground.
Pope must be home from school by now but we have to presume he is sufficiently disillusioned that he can't be arsed to trawl the stats for us. A pity for us, but who can blame him? You? Can you? No, thought not.

Boro are also shit. But they have managed to average a point a game from the first six, with three draws and a win at home vs Bristol City. On two occasions they have scored twice in the same game - fancy that! - a feat we have achieved only once. They have also twice conceded three, so our red hot strikers will be licking their lips at the prospect of a cricket score.
For them, Ikpeazu and Crooks have both played every match and have chalked up two goals each.

Despite talk of fine margins and no signs of the players turning on CH, morale must be low at the CG as well as here on Vital and there is a very real prospect this bitch won't make two pages unless the manager goes. Or stays. Either way, you can expect thrills, goals and moaning.

Scattered clouds but little chance of rain falling on the loyal masochists comprising the home crowd. Temperatures dropping from 17 to 15 degrees during the match and we can expect a touch of frost in the boardroom afterwards.

My prediction? No-one cares, but as it happens I'm throwing caution to the wind (3mph westerly) and predicting our first league win of the season.

mr ron

Vital Champions League
Was actually thinking he's finally trying the 3 at the back, then realised Spence can't play, so same as the Cardiff game which is really the classic 4231


Vital Squad Member
No Mighten in the squad? Hoping it's 3 at the back, but who is playing right WB? Johnson/Zinc

Still a clueless selection by retaining both Yates and Taylor. Thankfully Soh is back, and Samba is gone.
Maybe by Huddersfield with our RB available we can start to see a new shape emerge.


Vital Football Hero
The line up will tell us whether Hughton is going to at least go out fighting rather than just accepting the inevitable. We also need to see some proactive subs tonight. Something to at least show a bit of nous.

Edit: 4-4-2 and Samba dropped. Silva on the bench too. That irrational hope still burns!


Vital Squad Member
What's happened to Fin Back? Didn't disgrace himself at all when he played and now when we're down a RB or three can't even get in the squad? Is he injured?


Vital Reserves Team
Excited about this one chaps, was looking forward to signing sacked in the morning only JC21 said that happened on Tuesday , gutted