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Not hard to guess


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Fuckin' ell! Been away for a little autumn city jaunt to Genoa for a few days and come back to more action than this board has seen in years! Tremendous!

Dimwitguy - grammar of a six year old, thick twat.

Thick Mick - Danny Dyer wannabe, "yeah, i'd put a brick in his face in Ponteland given half a chance"- thick twat.

Goold Ol' Ry - smokin' shite until the early hours, thick twat.

No offence meant to the others, or taken, apart from thieves and convicted drink drivers :grinning:


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You are a propet Alan Whicker what with all your travels Neppos i for one look forward to the updates on where you have been. I might be thick but im not stupid kidda. You probably enjoy taking it up the arse from Mike and the boys. Where are you off to next Neppos? Cant wait to find out im guessing Brighton!


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Bet the Genoese were chuffed to bits when he strolled into town.
He'll be celebrating tonight on his cooking lager & illusions of grandeur tho,3 pts for fatty utd & probably a few thousand off the Wolves boycott.


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Old Neppos is a bit obsessed with OM but doesnt fancy meeting up in the real world so he makes comments behind a username on the internet and then slags people off for being keyboard warriors, wonder does he / she see the irony. Mind you his updates on where he / she has been and what they have done make sparkling reading.


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Thanks for the pm :grinning::grinning:.

He knows nowt about me, Ry. However, anything I know about him is purely down to what he has posted on here over the years, attention seeking fuckwit that he is.

Argh, Thick Mick, did you ever mention going to Franceland (;)) to become the next Andre Fabre? I think you did. Irony, you say?:grinning:


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Neppo,leave it.
O.M. just responded to a question rather than go public.
I just got caught up in your comment "Goold Ol Ry- smokin shite until the the early hours,thick twat" had a had a few apostrophes in the wrong place given your ego around calling folk "Thick twats" cos of their spelling.
Fkn grow up & maybe a wee smoke in the early hours would probably do you the world of good.
Meanwhile,are you going to the Wolves game?


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Shut up you lily livered ******.

You hide behind your grandchild as an excuse for going to the game for fucks sake.

Eeeeeh, he'd rather have a set of goalposts, so i won't go anymore.

Spout shite.


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Any chance of people doing these insults in another thread. Gets boring.
Sadly, it’s the same poster who keeps getting her knickers in a twist. Always looking to seek out certain posters after her gin fuelled wank at 2:00am. It’s a shame really because the majority of the other posters seem to get along fine.