North Korean citizens told: Socialist haircuts are a thing... go get some

The North Korean government has issued haircut guidance for its citizens and chosen 28 hairstyles it deems "appropriate" for members of the single-party state. According to the WantChina Times, photos of the 28 haircuts recommended by the totalitarian regime have been issued to salons around the country. The cuts were chosen for being comfortable and resistant to Western influences.

In the new 28-haircut system, long hair for men, spikes, extravagant fringes, buzz cuts are all out. Married women are allowed shorter hair, but unmarried women have to keep their hair longer. Old men are allowed to let their hair grow up to 7cm, but younger men are urged to get their hair cut every 15 days.



Vital Football Legend
28 hairstyles? The opulent bastards!

Fear, you should consider getting with the times and adding another hairstyle to the approved list. The skin head is getting a bit boring now.