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Maureen's Exit Strategy from the rags


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Comic cuts........

Maureen, deciding that the gap to City is too big to expend energy on picking a fight with the runaway leaders plus finding that Guardiola no longer rises to the bait, has opted to ignite a war of words with his closest rival and biggest threat. Classic Maureen - create a fight as a distraction from the dire football that his side are serving up and his failure to keep up with City and his bitterest coaching rival. He knows that fighting with Pep would only continue to highlight the gulf between the teams both in terms of the title challenge AND the quality of football.

So, in line with his regular strategy of beginning to make himself unemployable, he has ignited a war of words with Conte.

I am absolutely sure that the rag board will be displeased with these antics and this behaviour. It is not in,one with the image of the Club and much as I dislike them I can understand why they would want avoid this garbage, but THIS is what they bought when they recruited him so they will have to deal with it. LOL


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Ideed. We know some in the rag hierarchy had reservations about his appointment and there must be deep unease amongst them now with his continuing embarrassing antics. Please keep him. Save Our Portuguese Pulis, yes. #SOPPY



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Sunday Supplement is a hoot. Henry Winter (The Times) pushing the case for concentrating on discussing the football whilst Sean Custis (The Sun) keeps banging on about how ‘entertaining’ the spat is and how much fun it is to write about :040: :040:

Andy Dunn nails it when he says Maureen has never been LMA Manager of the year and feels he has never been given the credit for his achievements which is why he picks the fights.

He is the same as Donald Trump - a narcissistic personality who everything to be about HIM. It grinds his gears that everyone doesn’t fawn around him especially now that the hack should have seen through his sh*t.

I am with Winter who says that no one grows up loving press conferences, they want to love the football
I really want Maureen to sign an extension, they may win many games under him, but by playing drab negative football, this is only good for us, I remember watching the invincibles and they were very pleasing on the eye
Yes that's what I thought, but listening to the Sunday Supplement, it was quite interesting that Maureen has courted the press in two off the record meetings with the press, I wonder if other managers/coaches do that? Obviously Maureen is a manager and not a coach unless he is the one that brings the bus and is the Driver.
Maureen pushing hard to get another fat contract from which it would be expensive to fire him....
The emergence of articles about Maureen negotiating a contract extension RIGHT NOW, during a transfer window, weeks after making complaints about how his side is "in transition" and is "not yet a world class team" blah blah now has me hugely suspicious. I think he has somehow leveraged just how far behind they are in the league into his contract talks to put pressure on the board to back him or risk him walking away......and this has created the bid for a player who he thinks can propel them to Champions League success.

Utterly bizarre because they SHOULD be saying "We gave you MILLIONS! and yet you are 15 points behind Manchester City! City!!! WTF are you playing at? NO you cannot have any more money - make the players you have better......just like Guardiola has done! Idiot. Get out of the boardroom you whinging Twat"

But only in a parallel universe clearly.

In this reality they said "Yes Jose, anything you want Jose, just please, PLEASE don't leave us. You can have anything. Anything at all. Another player for £180m? Absolutely. No problem. Contract extension? Double your wages? By all means. Where do we sign? Just don't leave us .....PLEASE. We don't have a clue where to turn if you go........what was that? Bend over? Certainly. Be gentle....."
The see him as the special one, but they have spent a lot of money yet, as you point out it is still us that are called as the moneybags while united spend their's wisely.

Will Maureen go for every player that we show an interest in, the unfortunate thing is that agents don't want to do quiet deals for their players they want a bidding war, we have to be canny in these situations and throw a red herring in now and again and see if Maureen bites