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Maureen's Exit Strategy from the rags


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Barely has he started his second season at the rags and the man who has no loyalty to anyone but himself has shown his true colours by making overtures to the club he sees as his next employer.


If the rags wanted any indication that Maureen's interest in managing their club was only skin deep here is the evidence. Sucking up to the 'special project' (i.e. one backed with a lot of money) he has shown such disrespect to his current club and employers that I would be asking for an explanation (if I cared).

He has a long track record of this behaviour and plants these seeds well in advance. Thwarted by the decision of the rags to appoint Moyes after he had engineered his exit from Real Madrid with some outrageous behaviour (eye-poking) and upsetting key members of the RM squad and fans, he was forced to return to Chelsea to 'stay visible' and bide his time. When things started to go wrong for Van Gaal at U*d, Maureen started agitating at Chelsea causing disruption, beginning with the whole Eva Carniero thing on the opening day, continually picking out of form players like Ivanovic & essentially sabotaging their season and making himself sackable. Abramovich duly obliged and he then sat out the season waiting for Van Gaal's life to become miserable before the rag's caved after City appointed Guardiola.

Is this a surprise that this has emerged after the guy he sees as his main rival has started producing some scintillating football across town and on the weekend where he demonstrated just how devoid of ambition his view of football really is?

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He's got money to spent at United, but they're currently at least £503m in debt, maybe more, from a post on Twitter I saw the other day.
That isn't a problem, I would think, at PSG.


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If the rags start falling behind City In fully expect him to begin with the usual tactics - the baiting, the sly digs, comments about officials. He is an utter snake.


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Wanting doesn't always mean getting. Maureen may want PSG one day but under Unai Emery they are doing very well and I can't see that changing.
Imho, Maureen's using them as his bargaining chip for a hefty increase in his rag contract. That said, he is still living in a hotel, so you never know.



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It seems that someone else thinks along the same lines that I suggested. Sunday’s chastening defeat will have pushed him just a little further down his exit chute

“Miserable Mourinho not the magician he once was”


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If he does go to another club, like others, I doubt very much if PSG will be the one. Why would they want a man who prefers negativity to attack. They are doing very well and would attract a better manager.
Moaner will end up with a team that is always nearly there but never quite makes it. Spurs is a good example of the type I mean. Hasten to add that I’m not suggesting that that is where he’ll go.
Where else is there for him to go? Spurs and other clubs of their standing would never pay his salary, apart from international management I don't see many options available for him.

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PSG looks like the only option.
They're currently nine points clear of Lyon, Monaco, and Marseille (all on 35), and then there's a further eight to Nantes.

PSG's CL tie with Real Madrid could be a factor in this, we'll have to wait and see.
His demeanour is delightful to watch.


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Bluedub - 13/12/2017 21:20

Where else is there for him to go? Spurs and other clubs of their standing would never pay his salary, apart from international management I don't see many options available for him.
Isn’t there clubs of that ilk in the Italian league Bluey? Beats me but some of the clubs over in Europe seem to be able to come up with a couple of bob now and then. Inter, AC or the like.
I really don’t know , just thinking aloud, well in print really.
Milan have come into money recently Ozi so maybe, he did manage Inter though so you'd wonder would he take the Milan job or whether they'd be interested.

China would be wonderful as he'd disappear off the football map, as far as I'm concerned, if he went there.
Maureen’s post match comments after the rags dropped points against Leicester in the last minute of added time ( :010: ) where’s he effectively slagged off his players in front of the cameras smacked of him continuing to build his case for bailing out of the Old Toilet.

Hardly likely to endear himself to his squad, to me he is followingthe same pattern as always - defeat some are never his fault, there is always some other factor deflecting responsibility away from him. He antagonised the players at RM when he was trying to engineer his exit as he anticipated Taggart’s retirement so he would be available to take his ‘dream job’ .......and that’s plan fell apart when the rag board appointed The Moyesiah which meant he had to take the Chelsea job (again) to stay visible. Then when he saw the writing on the wall for Van Gaal he started stirring things up within the release him from his contract to be courted.

The success being enjoyed by his arch-rival Guardiola, the praise being lavished on the football his squad are delivering and the gulf in points will be like a knife in his guts right now. Not one to fight in adversity I think he will soon start demanding more millions be spent and complaining about the quality of his squad......and preparing to move on.
Get this, he complains that City are being treated as privileged getting to play the day after boxing day, this is unfair he says.

He does not complain when he gets an easy draw in the Domestic Cups, when City get Premier League opposition in about 11 out of 13 draws and then they had a cheek to suggest the draw was fixed for us to get Bristol in the League Cup, but we know that the 'Ball Warmers' were looking for a North South Draw.

We did not see him complaining at the seasons opening fixtures when it was two months before he got a top 6 side Liverpool and he brought the Bus to that one, remember Sky Sports a week of build up showing old games, this was the game of the season any season ever, only for the United fans and pro United Pundits to declare that this was a good result and for the Liverpool fans to say, we'd have thrashed them if they had given us a game (whilst secretly thinking also that a draw was a good result).

He did complain about the noise from the noisy neighbours, who came and saw, removed the Bus wheel clamp with the help of Lukaku.

and today Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear - even if we lose tomorrow the gap will have been closed by 1 point
My prediction from Christmas Eve has come to pass with the Moaning about spending £300m not being enough :039: :039:

He is bitter and twisted and cannot ever take responsibility for his part in what transpires.
Amazingly the MotD ‘analysis’ spent very little time debunking this moan - although actually that may be a sign that they are as fed up as everyone with his perpetual bleating about how unfair life is and how he hasn’t for the players he needs :040: :040:

Kevin Kilbane basically discounted his comments as utter bollocks.

He is like the kid at Christmas always complaining that someone else got better toys from Santa :035:



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So, when will the pinch pointvhappen then?

It appears that he is complaining about everything at The Old Toilet.......the board, Ed Woodward, the facilities, the players, the money, the seems that the patterns of old are reasserting themselves and he is building up to something.

Perhaps he wants to force the board to extend his contract so that when he does get the push his payoff will be even bigger.

He got ripped to shreds on Sunday Supplement - they don’t beleive his BS one bit.

Jason Burt summed it up by saying that when you take away the wins what have you got? Just the aggravation, the complaining, the moaning, the miserableness, the sour taste........