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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town


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Many more of them and we can forget top 2. If it becomes the norm a play-off spot won't be a given. 2 poor showings on the spin. Despite picking up points, it is disturbing.
Whatever happens, its been a good entertaining ride.


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Let's be honest. That was a very disappointing performance. Perhaps a lot of tired legs, but at no point were were we dominant. So many errors littered all over the pitch. I guess one positive is we played badly but still didn't lose.

These are the games we should be looking to win regardless of where we finish in the league. Home form is a concern and lots of improvement required on recent performances.

Fortunately most results went our way.


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FT. That was an awful game, so much sloppiness. Nobody played well - I think the games are catching up with them. We really need a full week off - but we aren’t going to get it. Our home form is strange. Away from SB we play on the break and can catch teams out, but when we play at home the opposition play deeper and we struggle to get through them, playing too deep at times. Credit to Swindon who never gave up the chase and could have nicked it with how we were playing. We need two or three players back from injury but unfortunately I think they are a week or two away yet. Ice baths all round 🥶


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Very frustrating when a silly mistake gifts them a point and loses us not only two but looking like top spot too. That said, we could easily have been beaten tonight so at least it keeps us unbeaten . Really need to calm ourselves and get back to basics at Plymouth. UTI👊💥


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Well that was crap. Your company wasn’t but that’s that, I really appreciate it as an exile imp. Onto Saturday and Plymouth. We’d better raise our level.