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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town


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HT. Not bad from us, but a bit nervous and we have lacked that bit of control and understanding, perhaps understandably. Fleetwood have obviously taken the initiative and got their reward. We’ve just not quite settled although there have been glimpses of decent play. Rogers is so frustrating. He needs to step it up a bit and be on the front foot a bit more - more aggression needed and he could terrorise defenders, like Johnson has shown at times. Think this needs sorting by MA in the dressing room to give them a bit of confidence as they look as though they can step it up a bit and get something from this game. Come on you Imps!!
started much better. much more safety first. got to 15 minutes at 0-0 which was another plus.
after that - generally their passing, switching and team play was much better than ours. palmer made a couple of saves to keep us in it. still felt like only a matter of time before they would get one.
apart from a good effort over the bar, worst i have seen in general play from scully.

conceded first 5 games in a row now.
Sculls been very poor.


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Fleetwood are playing pretty well and certainly far more attacking than they were in the match last season under Barton where they out possessed us in their own half for 90 minutes.
Am afraid weve been going downhill for the past 4 games. Edun is having one of his normal games, out of position, losing his man and losing the ball whenever he tries to bring it out. Scully running round like a headless chicken, no control and no idea. Rodger not contributing a thing. And why oh why do we insist on taking freekicks quickly all the time. Let the side get into shape and dont put players under pressure.
That being said if we can control the ball better and pick the correct passes with the correct weight I think we can beat Fleetwood.

Imprest 1

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All seems a bit rushed when we get forward, no stickability in their half for any concerted pressure. Seem devoid of ideas. Fleetwood playing as a team, passing it around, deserve the lead.


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Important not to get uptight and try to force it for the second half. MA could do with reminding them of the pace and style of play that has worked well earlier in the season and try to recreate the confidence around that vibe.

We do seem to get taken out by a single pass at times, possibly not too much of a surprise with it being such a changed midfield but on the other hand we have had a few dangerous moments running with the ball from midfield. We need to find a better shot or pass at the end of those runs and if we can, that will see the momentum build.

I don't expect Fleetwood to go massively defensive straight away as they are not set up for that formation or mentality wise, although that could quickly change of course. They may fancy their chances going for a second as there is no 'league' pressure on them. So perhaps there may still be some good space and counter attacking opportunities to be had at times in this second half.

All not lost by any means. Let's get the first goal and go from there UTI.


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How can anybody say that, that was an even first half. Fleetwood want it more and look like the team at the top.
We look very, very ordinary and have been littered with very basic mistakes.
Unless we get a magic moment from Johnson or Rodgers where else is a goal coming from.
We need to up this massively if we want to get back in to this.