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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town


Vital Youth Team
Scully has been knocked off the ball too often. We keep giving the ball away with too many cute flicked passes at times. It would be nice if Morton was fit enough to replace one of our front players other than Hopper, but who knows if he is fit enough. We seem to give away a lot of free kicks and corners these days.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Hmmm. we dont seem to have clicked tonight. passing has been iffy at times. also we've been slow in to a lot of the 50-50 balls. could have done without conceding just before half time. we havent created enough decent chances in the danger area. good game for McGrandles, johnson and jones werent too bad. the rest have been below par for me.
i do hope we see some fresh legs in the 2nd half when we are chasing an equaliser. cant concede another, so we need to keep it tight.


Vital Football Hero
We look completely lost and bereft of confidence.
Extra pass virtually every time we go forward. Jones trying to score from 30 yards, at least I think was aiming at the goal. Both full backs have sold themselves stupid multiple times. Opened up by simple balls through half the team, who have stood and watched it.
Big Apple hair dryer time I think.


Vital Reserves Team
Both sides winning then losing ball. Been a bit frantic like we desperately want to win (which we do of course) . Need to steady the ship and stay calm. If we score next we’ll win. Imps 4ever 👍


Vital Football Hero
started much better. much more safety first. got to 15 minutes at 0-0 which was another plus.
after that - generally their passing, switching and team play was much better than ours. palmer made a couple of saves to keep us in it. still felt like only a matter of time before they would get one.
apart from a good effort over the bar, worst i have seen in general play from scully.

conceded first 5 games in a row now.


Vital 1st Team Regular
We can still get something from this, but we have to improve in the final third. Far too many balls over hit or miss placed. I'll admit I struggle to see where good chances are going to come from other than set pieces, unusually for us we've had a few efforts from outside the box.