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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Burton Albion

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Thommo summing it up well, defensive errors from both sides, we were not at the races first 20 or so. Hopper almost in for the third, their keeper farting about at the back.


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HT. Strange first half. Have to say I’m not a big fan of the playing out from the back, not so much for the sake of playing it (though I note Sheehan has been playing a few long balls 🤔), but the invitation of the opposition to come onto us. Our shape and positioning is all wrong for a quick counter-attack, which as I understand it is what MA wants to do. At the moment it’s just bringing pressure on ourselves and costing us goals. When we do attack with pressure on the opposition defence, we cause them all sorts of problems.


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MA does like to throw new players straight in... not sure about that, Sheehan looking a bit dodgy so far.
Coventry pretty anonymous... id have Anderson or Lewis on.


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Oh dear Canwick road on the hill blocked due to a RTA. So if you live out that way in Branston, Washy etc. and are at the match have a good excuse to have a post match pint to let the traffic jam clear.


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We've defo grown into this game. Burton looked good until we levelled. They started playing everything quickly but we're matching them now.
Bridcutt looks class to my untrained eye.
Super cool on the ball and great distribution.
Second half there for the taking.
Raise the roof boys....and girls, don't want to appear sexist.