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Match thread, Forest v Luton, part of a lucky run?

I agree that keeping on Murray and losing Krov seems to make no sense. Can only hope CH knows something we don’t.

When you’re a goal down, there’s also nothing more frustrating than Ameobi lethargically punting the ball over everyone’s heads.

Ribs kicks it out of play - it’s just not going to happen for us tonight. I really ought to switch this shit off.

mr ron

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Took Krov and knock off our 2 best attacking options, left Murray who looks like he needs a lie down. So many dropped points since the Bournemouth game, still looking over our shoulders.

Southern red

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Performances like this make me realise I couldn’t give a shit if we sold pretty much every fucker in the squad..Abd manager

wtaf samba you fucking dick


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Dropped 5 points, there’s no two ways about it. Woeful substitutions, which seems to be reoccurring theme.

I don’t understand this unwritten rule where if you’re losing and go for an equalizer, that you keep both holding players on the pitch who aren’t a goal threat. It wasn’t even an acceptable formation until a few years ago - be brave for Christ sake. Get Cafu off, keep Krovinovic on and give him to shirts in front of him with two strikers. Negative subs and we’ve lost all rhythm.