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Match Thread: Accrington Stanley v Lincoln City


Vital Youth Team
Why don't keepers stay in the middle and force really well placed penalties? Anything that's not in a corner they have a chance at going at. But if they commit to a side straight away they have sold themselves...


Vital Squad Member
I mean we lost, but what else could have been expected? Given the selection and the bench options we've played well. All you can ask.

At least we can bin Mensah asap now.


Vital Squad Member
Nevermind. Extra winnings would have been nice but otherwise not something to be overly bothered with.

We move on and just a league and FA Cup double to aim for now
Not sour grapes, but this isn’t looking like a good competition to be in this season, the big boys’ U21 sides are having much more success this year and there’s a real danger the final could be a non event,which it would have been last year if we hadn’t beaten Chelsea.