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Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread

Just image if it had happened to both. Jeez, the mind boggles.

I have a little bag where I save up my used batteries to recycle. True story.
We keep ours in one of those plastic trays you can get mushrooms in, then when that gets full, we put them in a bag and leave them out with the recycling.


Bringer Of The Seasons
I’ve just spoken to my old mate, he’s a good bloke for an ex Welsh Guardsman. He’s a bit pissed off as he’s a huge Liverpool fan and today realistically should have been title party time. We also spoke about something very very naughty we once did in Belfast back in the day.


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Shopping got delivered today and the only products not to arrive were every single bag of crisps - both multi and sharing - and dry roasted peanuts. Also, my dog has wind.