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Brendan Bradley

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Also it seems that Frank Sinclair spent a night in a Spanish cell along with a number of other Leicester players for an alleged incident with a lady in 2004 but as this went no further within the courts might be unfair to lump this with the others
Yes, that would be very unfair as the allegation against those Leicester players was completely unfounded. It wasn't just that there was no evidence, DNA actually proved their innocence.


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Didn't Matt Sparrow also do time?
Yes, as did Jefferson Louis.

From the top of my head, I would add some extremely unsavoury behaviour from Leicester loanee goalkeepers Russell Hoult and Adam Smith; a drugs ban for Shane Nicholson; and two separate driving bans for Delano Sam-Yorke incurred in Lincoln.

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I could be wrong about this - and my apologies if my memory is playing false - but I seem to remember that Brendan Bradley was once fined for not having a TV licence.