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How old is Apollyon?


Vital Champions League
Great start to Monday chaps. Keep up the good work

I think we need to focus on battered delights for midweek games and fishy wonders for the weekend?

Your thoughts on the fabulous 166 would be greatly appreciated
I wont stop until we hit 200 then this bastard needs icing unlike with you vile pseud c******s
Here's an idea you pseud t*a*. Why dont you go to your kitchen, open the cutlery drawer, take out the sharpest knife you can find, roll your sleeves up and then carefully pick out that splinter which has been bugging you for days, ensuring you have some anti-septic cream nearby to ensure any wound doesn't get infected


Vital Football Legend
Cornish pasty tonight...Cracking it was too! Loving 166 chaps as always considered it to a lucky number. Now watching the cricket which is 169 for 3 and incidentally if you take 3 from 169 you get 166.Bonjour.