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happy Birthday Deano

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
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And especially for you...


Have a great day buddy :156:


One Bloody Number
Cheers guys. Can tell I'm getting old as I couldn't even remember how old I was gonna be when someone asked the other day. Had to work it out in my head..... Turns out I'm 21 again.



One Bloody Number
Not really. Just relax and be spoilt. Still lay in bed at the moment waiting for Nat to bring my surprise birthday breakfast up. I hope it's lager and pork scratchings!


Vital Football Legend
Ha ha happy birthday to ya, happy birthday :101:

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One Bloody Number
Thanks for all the good wishes people.

Had a great day. Lazy morning with breakfast in bed, then forced Nat to watch Howard The Duck with me. Went out and treated myself to some Hereford Hop and Black Bomber cheeses for lunch, cheese, crackers and grapes, couple of episodes of South Park, then got ready for my main treat, a meal at Cottage in the Woods.

Was awesome. Venison Carppacio to start, followed by a Lamb Saddle, and some weird fruit of the forest dessert (sooo wish I'd gone for the chocolate trio).

Highly reccomend the place, but you may need to take out a 2nd mortgage as it aint cheap. £19 for a G&T and Whiskey & Coke, and the wine was £28 (and that was a cheap one).

Still.... I weren't paying. lol