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Favourite ever "guilty pleasure" player


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We can usually narrow down favourite player ever to a select group : Wilks, Shearer, Cochrane, Yeo, Hess Sr etc but will you admit to having a favourite "guilty pleasure" player, maybe not a technically gifted one but one you just loved watching. Mine is Danny Kedwell.

chris who

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Mark Saunders for me.For his guts and determination.A great bloke to have around the place.His versatility was so valuable. A another in the same mould was Mark Weatherly another who any manager would want in the dressing room.


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Good shouts for Smith and Pritchard . I'm not sure of the definition of guilty pleasure player but I really enjoyed watching Whelpdale although he was technically gifted. Todays the day of course when he made the national news for one of the more painful injuries


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Andy Thomson for me.

Over the course of his one full season with us, we lost Superbob but acquired 4 players - Thommo for £25k along with resigning Butler and Iffy, with Ty Gooden thrown in for good measure - for a total of less than a third of Bob's price, and still achieved promotion to the promised land at last.

Only 14 goals in 52 games but one of the coolest finishers I can remember, particularly when slotting home THAT goal, a rare header.


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No guilty pleasure in appreciating Bill Brown, absolute class on his day and one of my all time favourites.

Mama Sidibe for how he could send an entire defence the wrong way, put the goalie on his arse and still not score! Seriously he was a big part of our best ever finish and put in a string of brave performances.