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Evans transfer update


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According to bbc radio Kent we have agreed a deal with a championship club for a player but he can’t be with us until next week and are currently talking to a striker in the championship who has played a fair bit of championship football this season.

lets start speculating who these might be then?

hopefully one of the more computer savvy people will post a link for the others


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Also someone on twitter saying the player joining next week is Masterson(?) a CB from QPR. Although he also mentions Hull(?) from Rotherham.

Nothing about a striker.

Edit - just googled both these players. A 22yo and a 19yo. Not sure that’s what we need in a CB, so probably all B/S.


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I like Evans /Rayner but I am concerned that most loan signings are just not
good or strong enough , I also believe we will not miss them, in this pandemic time maybe the players have not been scouted as normal .


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I like Evans /Rayner but I am concerned that most loan signings are just not
good or strong enough.
Personally, I suspect it is more likely that the first bunch were not quite old enough. Bringing Lee back is a far better strategy but I would guess we have to pay all or most of his salary while he is with us, whereas the youngsters from Arsenal, Coventry and Celtic would not have cost us very much. Some may even have been free/gratis.

It is all about budgets this season.
As long as it's better than either Mel Gibson or Liam Neeson trying to give a convincing Scottish accent, then I say give him a chance.

By the by, I hated both Braveheart and Rob Roy..... nothing more than the imagination of a director who was clearly clueless. I may not be a true sweaty however after living here for a number of decades, I do respect their dogged determination to remain true to their history.
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A rumour on Facebook is that striker we want to sign is going to be Elliot Lee, Olly's brother .
Apparently Olly has alluded to it on his Twitter feed.
I haven't seen it, so I can't substantiate the truth