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Derby County vs Aston Villa Saturday 10th Nov 3PM


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Ahhh, that's better, we can begin to moan again lol

I was beginning to get worried. We will never stay positive for 2 weeks - just not the Villa engine, way, thingy.


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Ah, the ref. He had more than a hand in the first goal having got 3 decisions wrong in a minute, the last of which saw the move start that led to the opening goal.

However, had he got any of those 3 decisions right, it would have only delayed the inevitable Villa goal which had been a long time coming.

One thing that has buoyed me is that, based on your comments, we are not the only ones to get poor refs at almost every match. In fact, to show how bad they are, the best one we have had in the League this season was one of the Madley brothers and they are usually awful.


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1st half was even. On paper it says Derby had 5 on target to oud 1. However what the paper doesnt say is that 3 of those 5 came within 5 seconds of each other.


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"I told the players before we were not coming to Derby to get a point. We were coming for all three."



Have to admit, I wasn’t so keen when his name was first in the hat. Partly because I didn’t know enough about him, was probably ignorant as to his philosophies and how he talks about the game so eloquently! Partly because I just had no idea what to think, afterall I wanted Bruce and Lambert. :rolleyes:

Early days and he still needs our patience, but I'm made up that for once the people who are paid to make these decisions seem to have made a good one.

Really annoyed there's a stupid international break now! :taz: But it's great to be looking forward to watching us play for once!