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Have to say, I think this is a bad move for him. The breakfast programmes will be all over this, the back benchers and some senior ministers may kick up a stink.

I doubt anyone has been consulted in this in the cabinet, so we need the likes of Raab and Gove to start ruffling a few internal feathers. Bojo shat on Gove once, there’s karma coming the way at the appropriate moment.

Cant see this drawing a line under it until the end of next week, perhaps Bojo will even be forced to go back on his stance - not the first time is it?


Vital Football Legend
Boris not allowing the press to come back after he's answered.
Was just about to say great question and then he basically cut him off lol

Bumbling bottle job but good follow up from the BBC chap but Johnson is just waffling him off again.

Glad it's been pointed out he travelled for 'child care' whilst 'stricken' yet took no child care but a trip to a castle instead!