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Competition - 2020/21 Table Toppers

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Great idea by Matic because it gets me thinking .....yeah but what if ?
You delve deeper, like who will be our third highest scorer. I say this because the obvious 1 and 2 is Kane and Son, although some may disagree. The third highest is not so easy but could be very important if whoever it is approaches 1 and 2 for numbers.

What if we exclude Hugo from minutes played ? Or go for second highest ?

Who will have the highest % pass rate ?

Who will have the second and third highest assist numbers.

Who will score the most free kicks?

Who will score the least goals out of over 23 year old outfield players, same for assists ?

I came up with my predictions for this competition in seconds, I cant for my own questions.
Highest % pass...winks
2nd/3rd assist....Gio/Reggie
Free kicks....bale
Least goals/assists over 23's....sanchez/Sanchez

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It's just my inquisitive mind, I dont really like going for the obvious, it's not challenging enough. Have a go yourself.....who will have the highest % pass completion, who are the candidates?
If I came on for the last two minutes of a game and made one only pass which reached its intended target and didn’t play again all
Season , I would have a perfect 100% pass rate .

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During this season
1, How many tines will Jose say 'Our Box'
2. How many times will Nick mention 'SMUT' on this site
3. How many posts will Walthy make
4. How many times will we say SPURSEY
Are there any bonus points riding on this . I’m going to have a long think on this and get back to you , by the way , Matic , can you name your scorers in the predictor thread . Ta mate , the answer to 3 is beyond belief and probably the same number as the answer to 4 and only a half to that of 1, but nowhere near to the answer to 2 which will go through the roof !!


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Table Toppers 2020/21 Final Results

1. Spurs' Top Scorer for the 2020/21 Premier League Season:

- Harry Kane

2. Spurs' Top Assister for the 2020/21 Premier League Season:

- Harry Kane

3. Official Supporters’ Clubs’ Player of the Season for 2020/21:

- Harry Kane

4. What Spurs player will play the most minutes in the 2020/21 Premier League Season:

- A tie between Lloris and Hojbjerg

Bonus Ball: Guess the exact minutes played by the player you choose in question 4 during the 2020/21 Premier League season. (You cannot guess the same number as another VS member!) :

- 3420

This means our final top 5 winners are:

1st place - Muttley (Kane/Kane/Kane/Lloris/3419)
2nd place - Real Deal (Kane/Kane/Kane/Hojbjerg/3335)
3rd place - Nick Real Deal (Kane/Kane/Kane/Lloris/2500)
4th place - Kiwispur (Son/Kane/Kane/Lloris/3420)
5th place - Gary Onedaysoon (Kane/Kane/Lo Celso/Lloris/3365)

Congrats you lot! You all win one of the Spurs Adult Core Caps in a colour of your choice...

DM me with your colour choice and we will arrange how to get them to you.

Muttley you were agonisingly close to winning the jackpot mate but instead I am going to donate the jackpot amount (£50) to the JE3 Foundation ( as a way of saying thanks to all of you for playing along and continuing to be apart of this awesome Vital Spurs family, even when the team serve us up a dumpster fire of a season. It's not much, but it is a great cause and every little helps.