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Admit it - Singles you like that you are embarassed about


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There are a lot of music buffs on here including me, and going by the album thread a hell of a lot of metal / rock / prog rock fans.

But come on, there must be singles that you like but are too embarrassed to tell people. You know, you have Motorhead tattoos all over your body, but you bought "Grandma we love you" !!!!

So lets all admit it.

I'll start.

Three tracks I love and am not afraid to say so.

1. Cliff Richard - We Don't Talk Anymore (bloody fantastic !!!)
2. Renee & Renata - Save Your Love (just pure class cheese !!)
3. Right Said Fred - I'm too Sexy & Deeply Dippy (just can't help dad dancing !!)
4. J.J Barry - No Charge (still sing it to my kids !!)
5. Rolf Harris - Two little boys (I well up every time I hear it !!)

Own up to yours

I have loads of others but I dont understand why people think they are crap, as I think they are utter class like Wuthering Heights !!


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I agree on number 3-5. Top being No Charge yes I have sung that at my kids too.

Others ooh will have to think on but there are some


Vital Football Hero
Annies Song - I'm with you brother !!

You see I have these two, that people take the pee out of me for, but I honestly think they are truly superb records, and therefore personally, I don't see these two as embarrassing, but you may , so

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights - which considering she was 18 when she wrote, produced and choreographed it, I just think is unbelievable


Chas and Dave - Aint no pleasing you - which i think is the best "anti love song" ever.



Growing up i had an old record player handed down to me from my uncle, and all his records and i ended up luvin all types of music tbh I luv Enya, Duran Duran ordinary world now thats a soppy song lol here is a great version live and another after it by Duran Duran on MTV




I luv a good power ballard think they are great to listen to, Toy Soldiers, Lady in red you name it i got it on lp ;}
"Two little boys" is a song no one should be ashamed about liking.

Deep breath now

1/Pray by Take That

2/You're still the One - Shania Twain


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Talking of Gary Glitter I was only saying an hour ago to my family that you never hear "Another Rock n Roll Christmas" anymore

It used to be everywhere come early October, now nothing.

Shame as it was one of the best Xmas songs around.