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5 Subs


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yeah I remember the avatar for Mc!

on the subject tho I agree about the subs and would be worried if this came into the game on a permanent basis for the very reason Mc points out. Another worry for me would be keeping drinks breaks as well. It’ll be one step away from splitting the game into 4 quarters (e.g 25 mins each but with with 5 mins drinks) and go like American football - something tv companies with their advertisement space would be very interested in.


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Do you think this would this be just for the Premiership Finn? It would seem that the top flight is drifting away from the rest of the leagues. It's a desperate situation for so many clubs and it would be sad day if some folded because supporters are not allowed to attend. 2 subs or 5 it will make no difference to them.
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I do Mc. As far as tv companies and world media is concerned the only circus in town is the PL and I share your concerns. It’s all about #1 for the PL and that’s what their whole ethos has been based upon since it’s inception, I’m afraid.